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Door Signs…all you need to know.

If you are in need of door signs, there are a few questions to be asked first…
What’s behind the door?
Whether you want to invite people in or keep them out, door signs are vital in any business. We specialise in bold, clear and beautiful signage tailored to your specific needs.
Why do you need a door sign?
A door sign can be used to invite people in or keep them out. You can indicate a company name, person, or department, or a show a company logo, highlight toilets, chemical storage, electrical cupboards and give clear mandatory warnings.

What sign can I use?
Room identification
– Can they be seen by people with visual impairments? Does it comply with DDA regulations?
o Are they tactile
o Is the witting large enough
o Is the colour contrast good enough
o Pictorial

– Is it a warning?
o If for a chemical room or plant room it needs to display clear warnings & be in the correct colours.

– If to identify a business
o Does it convey your brand?
o Can it be seen clearly from the required distance
o Can your potential customers tell what service you offer

– Door no’s – house
o Can it be seen from the road?

Find out more information about HNS Signs range of services including design, manufacture and installation of hospital signs, directional signs and pub signs.

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