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Michelle Henry

That’s a Wrap! Gorgeous Vehicle Graphics

When it comes to vehicle graphics and wraps, there’s a wonderfully wide scope for design, colour and texture – you really can go wild. But before you do, there are two key things you need to get right first.

#1 Design

While we think graphic designers are great, we’ve noticed that a vehicle wrap designed by one without experience in this specialised area, can go awry. The problem comes from working to a flat design and not considering the 3D contours of a vehicle, or the cost implications.

Case study: John came to us to create vehicle graphics for his van and brought his graphic designer’s outline. The design was for vinyls that would go all over the sides and along the sills of his car. The problem with this was, in practice, the design wouldn’t look the same as it did on paper because the pattern would distort to fit the contours. Also the cost implications were way over John’s budget: vinyls on the sills are very time consuming and require a more expensive vehicle wrapper than a regular vehicle grade vinyl.

 #2 Quality (and Price)

Buy cheap and buy twice our mothers used to say (and still do) and there’s no greater example of this (in our signage-filled eyes) than skimping on quality vinyl for your vehicle.

We’re always on the lookout, but you don’t need to be an expert to see the problems cheaper vinyl brings: it lifts, cracks, and fades.  And underneath the surface, a nasty vinyl won’t protect your car from UV rays – meaning they can damage the vehicle’s paintwork. All of these factors mean the unfortunate customer (not you we hope!) has to have the problems fixed, costing more in the long run.

Don’t worry – there is a solution!

If you come to us to design your vehicle graphics or wrap we can guarantee the perfect fit for your vehicle and for your budget. If you have a price in mind we’ll tell you how much of your motor can be covered with the (right) vinyl and design it to fit.

We’ll work with you to produce the perfect look and with our wide variety of textures and colours your imagination won’t be limited. Check out the textured vinyl on Michelle’s car (above).

If you want the best quality design and materials – and save yourself some money – call us today!

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