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Rusty Signs for Butterscotch Design – Homefield Grange

Rusty Signs for Butterscotch Design – Homefield Grange

When Creative Minds Meet

HNS Signs were approached by Butterscotch Design who were in the process of branding the celebrity retreat, Homefield Grange.

The new brand essence reflected the natural and rustic nature of the Homefield Grange, along with the calming and powerful feeling you get from your visiting the spa.

Understanding the importance of brand continuity, Butterscotch wanted to use rustic materials and so made contact with us to see how we could help.

How We Helped

The client wanted rusty signs but without the sharp edges and continued corrosion associated with steel.

All of the signs were to be stencil cut and raised off the doors and walls. In a luxury spa, steel simply would not do.

Having previously experimented with rusting materials which cannot rust, we suggested using Perspex acrylic as it has a 10 year material warranty. This would ensure the longevity required and as they only supply cast acrylic, we knew it would be suitable for laser cutting and coating with a paint which contains metal particles.

The Aging Process

Once all of the signs had been coated, we applied an accelerator which started the rusting process.

Our expertise ensured that we could apply methods to create ‘rust patterns’ and ensure a unique finish on each and every sign.

Finishing Touches

As all of the signs were manufactured from acrylic, we were able to use nylon locators on the back of the signs to provide a hidden fixing. This gives the impression of the signs floating 15mm off the surface. It also ensured that the signs can be popped off should the walls need cleaning or decorating, and pushed back on again.

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