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How we can help to make your house your home

We often have customers ask us if we can do personal projects for them. Whether it be dustbinĀ stickers, house numbers or wall stickers, we are always happy to help.

Let us offer you the same custom made stickers, wallpaper and bespoke signs for your home that we manufacture for the corporate market.

All designed by our creative team here in our Birmingham office and installed for you UK wide.

  • Create the perfect wallpaper for your child using their favourite animals, sports and colours
  • Share a cherished memory on a featured wall by having the imaged printed onto wallpaper
  • Brighten up playrooms with personalised height charts, door signs and much, much more

  • We were smuggled into a room and hidden from the team as this was a big surprise for all the players. https://t.co/CEJQO3ShEM
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