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We’ve moved! Still Birmingham, but now Kings Norton

At the start of this month, we moved from our Mill Street site in Birmingham city centre to our new home in Kings Norton – out in the leafy suburbs of Brum. We decided to move for a variety of reasons but the paramount one was with the new clean air zone coming into effect next year we didn’t want to our staff facing additional charges in their commute to and from the city centre.

Whilst we’re fully in favour of improving Birmingham’s air quality and wholeheartedly behind reducing carbon emissions, we didn’t want to dictate to our staff effectively what would be a pay cut on them making their commute. Neither, for that matter, did we want to increase our prices to our clients as an indirect green tax.

Much as we loved our old Mill Street site, the place was bigger than we needed and with business rates rising we felt that a move to more compact and functional facilities for our business will benefit our staff and ultimately our client base too.

Our new postal address can be found on our Contact Us page.

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