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Office Wall Art for Magma Chartered Accountants
Magma wallpapers (2 of 10)
Magma wallpapers (6 of 10)
Digitally printed corporate office wall art at Magma Accountants
Magma wallpapers (9 of 10)

“You promised to brighten up the office, and you have certainly delivered in an exceptionally vibrant way.  Clients are met with an explosion of colour (Magma) when they arrive at our reception, which we believe expresses how we feel about ourselves and the company.

The forest theme works well in the small meeting room making otherwise plain walls far more pleasant for meetings.   The city theme is just perfect in our larger meeting room, giving just the right feeling of concentrating on the business in hand.  The bulb head in our small meeting room inspires the thought process with words like inspire, innovate, connect, outside the box, share and empower.  The winter ski themes also work particularly well in the main room across the road.  Last and by no means least, the artwork in the upstairs play room is particularly bright, bold and enlivening.”

Many thanks again for your efforts on our behalf

Mark Tuckwell, Partner, Magma Chartered Accountants

  • We were smuggled into a room and hidden from the team as this was a big surprise for all the players. https://t.co/CEJQO3ShEM
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