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Welcome to HNS Signs! Award winning Birmingham based sign contractors


HNS Signs are an award winning company based in the heart of Birmingham, West Midlands, UK.

We produce bespoke internal and external signage and associated products from design to manufacture to installation.

Our History

Michelle is a fourth generation sign writer and, aside from still owning her great grandfather’s sign-making hand-book from the 1880s, the craft and its traditions are very much in her blood. Practically trained from childhood, her grandparents—both sign-makers—used to get her making door signs for her friends’ bedrooms, seemingly destining her for a long-term career in the family trade.

Even an attempt at escaping into law did not last long, as Michelle’s post university travels resulted in her working at a sign shop in Australia where she fell back in love with the trade.
On her return to the UK, an opportunity arose when the company she worked for went under in the recession in 2010. Michelle was telling one of her customers in a children’s hospital that they wouldn’t be able to do their order. They convinced her that it would be a good idea to go buy up the assets and start up on her own, and so HNS was born!

Our Objectives

  • Make beautifully designed, unique, high quality signage which is consistent with our clients brand
  • Ensure that our clients get the best possible exposure through signs, branding, wall art etc
  • Provide fantastic customer service throughout the clients experience
  • Build a strong relationship with our clients
  • Only use the best quality materials

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The sectors we serve include:

  • Construction
  • Healthcare (NHS)
  • Retail
  • Commercial
  • Higher Education

Katie Leedham



I’m Katie, lead designer at HNS Signs. I work alongside the design team & the fitters to come up with creative concepts that not only look fantastic, but are practical & within budget! We LOVE to push boundaries & come up with new signage techniques & ideas that we know our clients will love!!


I’m a country girl at heart & when i’m not in the city designing you will usually find me on Cannock Chase with my Mountain Bike & my dog!

HNS Team - July 16 (9 of 11)

Imran Shaikh


I started working for HNS during my final year of a graphic design degree at university. I love all of the creative work that we get to do. Where else do you get to hand draw and then sign-paint 1.3m high letters?

Being a true creative I am really big on design, fashion and music. I even have my own clothing line, dope 13.

If you’re wondering why you haven’t seen me around lately, it’s because I am currently teaching English is Vietnam…but I will be back!


Max Dodds


I’m a big gamer and music fan. I enjoy photography and trying different medias of art to get new results.

Working at HNS is great and I enjoy getting involved, especially with the bigger projects and the more artistic ones.

Being an apprentice, I’m eager to learn more and improve my skills.


Eric Booth



I’m the new guy. With a background in print and design, you might find me at any stage of production – from artwork, right through to installation.

I am in love with sign painting. Living on the canals, I’m immersed in this traditional craft, and I hope to carry it forward with fresh, creative and sustainable techniques.


Aside from signwriting, I waste my time skateboarding, and I really don’t know what else to say here…

HNS Team - July 16 (11 of 11)

Mary Hughes


I started out designing the signs, vehicle graphics and wall art. I still do that, but since being promoted, I also do a lot on the management side, ensuring that all of the projects are on time and to a high standard.

Working here is never boring as there is always something new to learn and do.

Outside of HNS I support and attend all the WBA home games and try to go to a few away games. I am also a big Xbox and PlayStation gamer, concert goer and do K1 style Kickboxing at The Eagle Kickboxing Academy.



Rebekah Florance

Hi, I’m Beki!


I’m the latest addition to the team, joining at the start of the year whilst working on my Graphic Design degree.

I work part time alongside my other job which involves swinging in the trees of Cannock Chase Forest.

I am involved in the design process of the work at HNS whilst also trying my hand at the wide variety of skills and services on offer here!


I am passionate about design and love the wide variety of work that comes into HNS; no two days are the same!


When not at work, I love being outdoors, whether that be in the woods, up a mountain or trying out a new activity!

I also have an obsession with British Wildlife and enjoy photographing or drawing any creatures I come across.”

HNS Team - July 16 (6 of 11)

Bart Karwacki


I am Bart. I manufacture the signs but will occasionally get sent out to install vehicle graphics.

My favourite part of the job is trying out new techniques and tricks with the laser machine and CNC.

When not at work, I love to walk and enjoy nature.


Michelle Henry

I’m a self-confessed signage geek and am truly passionate about signage and wall art

My great grandfather was a signwriter and used many traditional printing methods which we still use today at HNS. My two brothers are also signwriters so it’s certainly in our blood.

I created my first door signs for all my friends when I was four years old so you could say I started young. However, I officially launched HNS Signs, my first signage company,in 2010 and I am proud to say we’ve since gone from strength to strength. I love the creative side of the work, using new ideas, techniques and graphics to create stunning visuals.

Outside of work I love to travel, Kick-Boxing and eating good food – and who doesn’t?

HNS team (1 of 1)

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