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Don’t Let COVID Ruin Your Brand.

It has become the new way of business to adjust our brands and identities to COVID, but we believe we should be adjusting COVID to our businesses. What we mean by this is investing in your business now, you can make social distancing and government guidelines your own. 


We have shown this through our ability to offer bespoke social distancing markers and COVID screens. As a brand, HNS love colour and vibrancy, so we created our very own rainbow desk screens, along with social distancing markers all over our workshop and offices. These products offer colourful and creative aesthetic whilst still promoting safety and hygiene. This has really allowed us to make these restrictions our own and take away the daunting aspect of these unprecedented times. 




Workers should not be reluctant to go back into the office; therefore, we want to make this transition easier for you. By offering you, your own twist on social distancing, you can make ‘the new normal’ seem almost familiar.  There is no reason why you cannot make these new necessities catered to your business; they can be anything you want them to be. We have made social distancing markers for a local primary school and used a creative twist to portray the markers as flowers. The same concept and creativity can apply to any business’ workspace. If you have worked hard to make the space you work in your own, why would you let Coronavirus change your identity?

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