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Rabbit Run

Rabbit Run


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What was the brief?

The Rabbit Run got in contact with HNS Signs shortly after moving location and settling into a previously owned traditional Pub over in Wolverhampton. The idea was to get as far away from the old Pub vibe and create a completely new environment that would promote the new Coffee Shop business. A big part of the brief was to create an atmosphere through Traditional Signwriting. Armed with a complimenting colour scheme, an inviting Logo, and a gorgeous Font choice, we quickly got to work on bringing their vision to life.

Check them out over at – The Rabbit Run (ontherabbitrun.co.uk)


The biggest trial that we had to overcome over here at HNS Signs was the sheer weight of the Main Timber Fascia. The previous Pub ‘Royal Oak’ had the business name embossed into the surface of the wall above the Main Entrance, which meant that we had to find a solution to cover this instead of destroying the original structure. The external signage (3100mm(W) x 600mm(H)) was made slightly larger than the original embossed text to ensure this was completely hidden.

To keep up with the traditional values of the building, we were adamant that the Timber Signage was the best option. Not only did this match the Oak Beams of the Interior, but also added to the quaint atmosphere of the Exterior. 

The Rabbit Run Fascia

The External Signage placed above the Main Entrance consisted of a Large Timber Frame that would cover the existing signage. The final design that was decided upon was a Sage green painted Fascia with Custom Traditional Signwriting across the surface. The paint of choice was 1 Shot Enamel – perfect for any traditional signwriting project!

Traditional Signwriting? We’ve got you covered.

Every component of this project included an element of Signwriting which added to the traditional and inviting environment that ‘The Run Rabbit’ was aiming towards. The main product that was used to bring this project to life was the 1 Shot Enamel Signwriting paint, a brand that we often use due to its quality and longevity.

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